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We love how happy bees make better honey, and so we are a team-oriented organization that highly values supporting one another in collaborative ways.  This stance allows our therapists to be better helpers who can offer you the highest level of care.  From this secure foundation, our kind, strong, and competent therapists are available to join you in your efforts to reach your particular goals. 

Allie Dafcik, Licensed Therapist

Seattle, WA

I am a therapist who values your desire for healing and authenticity. Safety and curiosity are important as we work toward your goals. I believe emotional health looks like someone who is free to be fully themselves in relationships and as an individual, knowing that they are of worth regardless of what happens around them. Clients tell me that I am intuitive, direct, and supportive of their needs. 


Areas of Focus: Trauma, Abuse, Anxiety, Depression

Therapeutic Approaches: Psychodynamic, Narrative, Strengths-based

Clients: Individual Adults

Location: Seattle

Kim Case, Licensed Therapist

Bellevue, WA

I am working each session to create an environment where you feel seen, heard, and safe. I am listening for the ways your early attachment story is impacting your present habits, relationships, and self-talk. I believe in the power of collaboration to forge new relational patterns; we are in this together as your resilience and my skills meet. My clients appreciate my insight, encouragement, and sense of humor.  I believe emotional health is a process: the work of a lifetime,  where we are less debilitated by the isolating voice of shame and the noisy inner critic, and believe we are worthy of love, thus able to be more curious about and compassionate toward ourselves and others, growing new habits of health and hope.

Areas of Focus: Addiction, Anxiety, Marriage, Premarital, Parenting, Shame, Spirituality, and Trauma

Therapeutic Approaches:  Attachment-based, Interpersonal, Psychodynamic, Relational, Strengths-based, Narrative

Clients: Individual Adults and Couples

Location: Bellevue

Laurie Hovis, Licensed Therapist

Bellevue, WA

I am a therapist who respects and values the courage of engaging personal issues.  My focus involves providing a safe, nonjudgmental experience where exploring thoughts and feelings is encouraged.  Clients can encounter honesty, compassion, and a sincere presence in our work together.  I believe that emotional health grows through this kind of authentic and vulnerable connection.

Areas of Focus:  Addiction, Anxiety, Depression, Life Transitions

Therapeutic Approaches:  Attachment-based, Emotionally-focused, Psychodynamic, Relational 

Clients:  Individual Adolescents, Adults,  and Couples

Location:  Bellevue

Mary Smith, Licensed Therapist

Seattle, WA

I am a therapist who strives to empathize and help to make sense of your story and feelings that underlie your presenting symptoms.  It is in sharing your feelings and story where trust and connection can form within the therapeutic relationship. I believe that healing begins by courageously exposing areas of shame.  Clients tell me I am direct, non-judgmental and empathic.  I believe that emotional health looks like the ability to find life-giving connections within relationships while continuing to be curious about oneself in order to have an impact on the world I work empathically, psychodynamically and relationally and am able to adapt to use a variety of methods depending on your needs. 


Areas of Focus: Addiction, Anxiety, Depression, Attachment, Relationships, Trauma

Therapeutic Approaches: Attachment-based, Somatic, Interpersonal, Psychodynamic, Emotionally-focused

Clients: Individual Adolescents and Adults 

Location: Seattle

Rebecca McDaniel, Licensed Therapist

Seattle, WA

By holding an open stance & listening without judgment, I seek to understand each client’s core sense of self.  I highly value authenticity, transparency, creativity, humor, & engaging what is present - both explicitly & implicitly.  One of the richest aspects of the therapeutic alliance is journeying alongside my clients toward emotional health & healing by exploring strengths, resilience, & walking through some of the grittier, more textured parts of life.  I believe that emotional health involves integrating our past & present internal landscapes by aligning & cultivating the mind, heart, spirit, & body, as well as an invitation to be fully present with ourselves & connected within our communities.  

Areas of Focus: PTSD, Anxiety, Spirituality, Grief, Recovery from Addiction

Therapeutic Approaches: Relational, Psychodynamic, Trauma-Informed 

Clients: Adolescent and Adult Individuals

Location: Seattle

Renee Jackman, Licensed Therapist

Seattle, WA

My intention is to assist you to find ways of navigating creatively through life.  My approach to therapy focuses on imagination, curiosity, and spontaneity to bring one’s fullness or wholeness into a living reality.  Sometimes a conflict, dissatisfaction, or other types of suffering are more powerful than one’s will power and must be explored through these means.  I will invite you to express thoughts and emotions, reflect on your experiences, personal history and cultural pressures, to try and move to a place where you can accept, know and connect with your deeper self.  I also have a repertoire of skills to assist with career challenges and development.  I believe emotional health is gaining some control and autonomy over our personal lives and issues, as well as understanding our place in the greater scheme of things can help us through troubled times and allow our lives to be richer and more fulfilling.

Areas of Focus: Work, Transitions, Loss, Stress, Trauma, Anxiety, Depression, Finding Meaning

Therapeutic Approaches:  Jungian

Clients:  Individual Adults

Location: Seattle

Sara Dunham, Licensed Therapist

West Seattle, WA

I specialize in offering a new perspective, which can shine a light on your potential, acknowledging the depths of your experience and how it has shaped you in beautiful and costly ways. I will listen for your strengths to help you find your inner voice and power. Together we can navigate the demands of this world and find spaces of relief and rejuvenation.  I work to create a safe space for you to come and share what is causing you stress. I believe in moving toward our stories out of a lense of kindness instead of shame, because we have already suffered enough. As we walk through your story together, I hope to bring insight that will allow for healing and repair to the broken places you have experienced.  Clients report that I am emotionally and relationally present and work to keep to a pace that is particular to the client, checking in to make sure they are comfortable with where we are going. I believe that emotional health is being able to step back and take into account what's going on in my body, my relationships, and my mind. It is non-judgmentally taking into account my feelings and recognizing they are there for a reason-- that they communicate that I have needs, and those needs are valid. Emotional health also comes as I communicate what I am going through to others around me, because I cannot do this life in a vacuum.


Areas of Focus: Anxiety, Depression, Relationship Issues, Chronic Pain, Family Conflict, Grief, Stress

Therapeutic Approaches: Attachment-based, Interpersonal, Mindfulness-Based (MBCT), Narrative, Relational

Clients: Adult Individuals 

Location: West Seattle




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