Our Story

We believe that everyone can benefit from counseling, but we found that clients were often struggling to find therapists who weren't full.  So, as individual practitioners who also did not have enough room to help to the extent we wanted, we decided to build a group practice to provide what we could not. We're so proud of our team of skilled, professional, and conveniently located therapists.  As an organization, we seek to offer a warm and safe atmosphere for you to steadily and consistently work with yourself, your concerns, and your goals. 

Krista Law Counselor Seattle

Krista Law, MA, LMHC

"I believe that emotional health looks like someone able to move through the world in an empowered stance, believing that they matter as much as others around them, and can make subjective choices on their own behalf without fear of negative relational outcomes."


Stacie Apple Counselor Edmonds

Stacie Apple, MA, LMHC

"I believe that emotional health includes being able to tell when our past is impacting our present, to know and advocate for what we want, to feel the spectrum of our feelings without having to act on them, to be and enjoy our unique selves while remaining connected to others, and to understand how power dynamics impact us all. 



Kristin Spencer, MA
Administrative Support

"I believe that emotional health is vital for healthy relationships with others and oneself. It allows one to experience a full range of emotions and have compassion toward negative thoughts and behavior patterns as well as creates space for healthy coping, learning and growth.