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Why Bees?

We believe that everyone can benefit from counseling, and that clinicians are as important to the health of our world as the bees we are named after. So we are a team-oriented organization that highly values supporting our clinicians. We believe this results in the nutrient-dense sweetness of high quality care for you, our clients. Our group of caring, skilled, professional and dedicated therapists all seek to offer you a warm and safe atmosphere to steadily and consistently work with yourself, your concerns, and your goals. We would love to have you join us!

Stacie Apple Counselor Edmonds

Stacie Apple, MA, LMHC
Clinical Director

"I believe that emotional health includes getting to be and enjoy our unique selves while remaining connected to others, and knowing and advocating for what we want and need. I also believe it is being able to tell when our past is impacting our present, to feel the spectrum of our feelings without having to act on them, and to understand and consciously engage the power dynamics that impact us all."

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