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Why Bees?

We believe that the collaborative process of psychotherapy is as important to our individual and collective health as the life-supporting work of the bees we're named after-- that the majority of us can benefit from counseling as a means to help transform the joyous and challenging flowers of our lives into more of the fruit we want to see, which we think helps build a more beautiful and balanced world.

honey bees colleting pollen on blooming yellow catkins on pussy willow, close up pollinati

As an organization, we focus on relational ecosystems, working to create and maintain balanced internal and external environments for everyone involved in our co-creations. We would love to collaborate with you to grow more of the vibrant, life-giving fruit you'd like to see in your world. Please reach out if we can be of help!

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Stacie Apple, MA, LMHC
Clinical Director

"I believe that emotional health includes getting to be and enjoy our unique selves while remaining connected to others, and knowing and advocating for what we want and need. I also believe it is being able to tell when our past is impacting our present, to feel the spectrum of our feelings with choice in how we work with them, and to understand and consciously engage the power dynamics that impact us all."

Lily Apple, BA Psychology
Administrative Coordinator

"I see emotional health as an ongoing awareness and acceptance of the relationship between our life's stories and what we think, feel, and believe. Because this relationship is complex and infinitely changing, I don’t believe emotional health is an achieved state; I see it as an action that, when practiced throughout our lives, grants us a deepening sense of beauty, connection, and love for all things. Although there is much in life that is out of our control, we may find peace in acceptance and an understanding of what we do have control over in our lives and in our minds."

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