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Our "beehive" is designed as a team-oriented apprenticeship, focused on developing high quality client work, clinicians who know and deeply love their unique way of working, and robust self-care to prevent burnout.  

Yellow Flowers

We love supporting our clinicians with many rich and varied forms of support, including: 


  • Individualized, consistent, caring, and available supervision and mentoring

  • Energetic team collaboration, inspiration, and support

  • Engaging skills trainings and education opportunities

  • Clear direction, foundational clinical tools, and highly attuned administrative assistance

  • Many benefits and growth opportunities tailored to encourage high levels of self-care and sustainability

If you are associate licensed in WA State and would like to learn more about our clinician positions and hiring status, please email your inquiry with a few sentences about why you would be interested in working with us & where you heard about us to:

(please check your spam/junk folder if you haven't heard back from us within 24 business hours)

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