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Image by Kody Goodson

We believe that the work you do as a mental health clinician is as vital to the world as the bees who help sustain us all. We also know that you likely began learning how to do the fundamentals of your work long before you engaged in any formal educational process. We've repeatedly seen how those motivating factors have the potential to both vastly deepen the enjoyment of your work, and significantly intensify its challenges.


At H&H, we seek to offer support that will reduce many of your challenges and enhance your ability to experience meaning, joy, quality, and fun in your therapeutic offerings, for as long as you want to express yourself through these art forms. We do so by creating focused space for you to get to know yourself, your work, and your clients, within a collaborative team of peers seeking to do the same.

Our beehive or bee nest is designed as an apprenticeship, offering a place of care, learning, structure, and respite. We work to enrich and support your deeply unique work in the world, help you build and solidify your foundations, and create more of the world you want to see. 

If you are associate licensed in Washington State and would like to learn more about our clinician positions and hiring status, please email your inquiry with a few sentences about why you would be interested in working with us & where you heard about us to:

(please check your spam/junk folder if you haven't heard back from us within 24 business hours)

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